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International Students - Study in Canada

If you're looking to study in Canada, we provide immigration services and relocation support for prospective students, from helping choose educational institutions, support you with your application, and ensure you are settled and connected in your new community once you have arrived.

As part of our study and relocation packages, we can offer information and guidance to support you with the practicalities of living and studying in Canada, and provide a 24/7 emergency contact with a reassurance to you, and family members left behind in your home country.

You can also learn about other opportunities that may be available to you for permanent residence, bringing family members to Canada and citizenship.

So why choose Canada as your study destination?

Canada is ranked in the top 10 of countries to study in and one of the top 3 places in the world to live. Canada is known for it's Charter of Rights and Freedom, demonstrating respect for human rights, and equality.

There were 494,525 international students in Canada in 2017, representing a 119% increase since 2010, and an increase of 20% over the previous year (Source: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). This number is anticipated to increase in 2018.

Provinces and territories designate schools that can enroll international students. These educational institutions are known as designated learning institutions.

If you need a study permit, your acceptance letter must be from a designated learning institution.

There are some programs in Canada that may permit you to study six months or less without a study permit. If your intent is to study longer than six months, then you must apply for a study permit.

For some individuals, depending on the type and length of the study, it may be possible to apply for permanent residency, though you cannot count work experience you gained while enrolled as a full-time student. Your work experience must have been gained while on a valid work permit, such as the Post-Graduation Work Permit.

There are also opportunities for international student scholarships and bursaries available from many educational institutions. For more information click here for the Government of Canada's Scholarship programs.

Interested in finding a pathway to studying in Canada?

Contact Darcey Consulting today!

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