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Immigration Canada Backlog Continues to Grow.

The Immigration Canada backlog continues to grow, reaching almost 2.5 million

With the exception of Canada's Special Immigration Measures for Ukraine, the backlog for federal express entry programs and visas are showing substantial increases to previous backlog numbers from previous months.

The TRV (temporary residents visa) applications, specifically for international students, show these numbers increasing significantly for this time of the year with educational institutions already accepting applications.

To address the backlogs, IRRC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) are currently investing in their technology and hiring a number of positions as part of their strategy to address the backlog. These opportunities can be found at

It is not yet known if the the hiring challenges for IRRC are similar to other industries throughout Canada impacted by economic events and the "great resignations", though time and outcomes will tell if these strategies will positively impact the outcomes.


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